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Posted in Uncategorized on December 29, 2011 by caseystorton

-One question I would probably be asked a lot if anyone actually read this and asked me questions about it would be “why haven’t you reviewed a game in so long?” And since I enjoy indulging in personal fantasies of being popular, I’m going to explain myself. I was busy with school for a while, so I didn’t get to play many games, but I bought Skyrim on day 1 and played it whenever I could. But since Skyrim has so much stuff in it, I’m over 30 hours in and I still don’t really know when it’s going to end. In the meantime I replayed Rage and I plan on giving a follow-up review once I can successfully bribe someone to play the co-op missions with me. Also I bought Dead Island about a week ago, and have been playing that for a bit as well. So yeah, Rage follow-up will probably be the next thing that I put out, so bear with me here. I just wanted to put out an update to let you all know that game reviews are indeed still happening. Also, since I’m a massive attention whore I’m going to start posting my e-mail at the end of my reviews so that I might actually get questions asked to me. Thanks for reading!