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Rage, take two

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-I’ve been holding off on this, as I kinda wanted to play through some of the co-op missions that appear to have been designed in the mold of the spec-ops missions from Modern Warfare 2, which I really liked. But since none of my friends have even played Rage, I don’t like playing co-op with random strangers on the internet, and the gameplay isn’t very easy to learn without the aid of a tutorial, I finally accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be able to play them, and that I didn’t want to go any longer without putting up a review. I’ve got a couple of other games that I might kinda be able to review as of this writing, but I’ll try to space them out as best I can.

-The main reason that I’m doing this is because ever since I put it up, I’ve always felt that my original Rage review was a bit lacking. I didn’t play a single side-quest and I didn’t even bother with the multi-player. I’ve since replayed it and actually given a number of side-quests a go, and played a few rounds of multi-player, although finding a game took a really long time. Anyway, replaying the campaign a second time was actually a lot of fun, and I activated my Anarchy Edition extras a little earlier so I got to have the special armor that I didn’t get the first time through, which was really cool.

-In my original review, I speculated that the side-quests would probably only yield money, which I had plenty of to begin with. Well, a couple missions involving giving sniper cover to people upgraded my sniper rifle to an auto-loader, but other than that all I ever got was money. The game also has a few mini-games that you can play in towns, like a sort of luck-of-the-draw dice game called tombstones.

-The ever classic five-finger-filet

-A pretty cool trading card game that can be upgraded with cards found around the wasteland, which rewards exploration

-There’s also this weird rhythm-based music thing, but I couldn’t find a screenshot for it, so whatever. Either way the fact that I put more effort into mini-games and side-quests this go-around meant that I was absolutely swimming in cash for most of the game, and I pretty much had every weapon and armor upgrade available to me. Strangely, though, this didn’t break the game. Normally when you can buy pretty much everything in a game, you feel massively overpowered, but Rage still managed to stay at least moderately challenging even when I had everything I could ever want. Another point that I missed a little the first time around was that the weapons all maintain usefulness throughout the game. You’d think that the cute little pistol would be pretty much useless once you’ve got two machine guns, a crossbow, two shotguns, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher, but my extra money meant that I had more access to special ammo types that made even the pistol strong enough to knock off all of a mini-bosses health in about 3-4 shots, which I thought was awesome.

-The multi-player was pretty cool. It’s entirely based around the cars, with┬ávariants of keep away, point control, and deathmatch all being integrated quite well. My low level and the fact that barely anyone plays anymore meant that I didn’t last very long, but it’s pretty interesting, if a little irrelevant at this point.

-Overall, I just wanted to make sure that this great game got the attention it deserved from me. If you haven’t yet, give it a go. It’s time well spent. The score remains 9/10