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Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty

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-Barely a month after Borderlands 2 saw release, Gearbox already has its first bit of DLC. It seems a little early for this sort of thing, but hey, let’s give it a try.

-First off, I’ll address the other piece of DLC released for the game. Namely, the fifth character class known as the “Mechromancer.” I got this one for free with my pre-order bonus, and it was most certainly worth it. I didn’t expect it at first, but the Mechromancer is most definitely my favorite character class. Her special ability allows her to summon a robot called Deathtrap that can help you out in combat and has a number of useful upgrades. There is a lot of room to customize your character build, and I ended up putting all of my points into things to largely help me out with Deathtrap, a choice that I certainly don’t regret. It is with this character that I decided to embark on this new DLC adventure. Basically, you end up in some weird desert area full of pirates and giant sand worms. You meet Captain Scarlett shortly after clearing out the first town and she tells you about a magic compass that will show you the way to a huge treasure cache or something. It seems like pretty standard stuff, but there is one thing that makes to plot a good time. From the very beginning, Scarlett makes it no secret that she plans on betraying you once you gather the four pieces of the compass, but hey, she’s a pirate, did you really expect her to be your best friend?

-There isn’t a whole lot new to this DLC, but what is here is pretty neat. Most of the enemies are just skinned versions of their original story counterparts, but there are a few newcomers to be found. There’s big, hulking Anchormen that can grab you from a distance and reel you in. There’s Pirate Ninjas that are a lot like Psychos but with the ability to turn invisible. By far the most annoying enemy is the Cursed Pirate. It’s basically just a regular psycho, but it regenerates health every time it damages you, so if you can’t kill it from a distance, you might as well just give up. While here you most likely will find some new guns to add to your arsenal, but sadly there aren’t any specific new types of guns that makes them different from the ones that you would find in the main story.

-Pirate’s Booty is a fun little adventure for those that need more stuff to do in Borderlands 2. It’s not the lengthiest experience in the world, but it’s a neat little diversion if you’re between games. 75/100